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Ignite Your Creative Spark!

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About ArtStart


Art Facilitator, ArtStart

Location:  Airport Heights, St. John's, NL

In 2018, I created a "twice a month" event called ArtStart. I offered a creative space where Artistic Newbies and seasoned Artists could work on Art projects. My objective was to nudge people to "just get started or keep going" on any type of artistic project they were interested in. It was a wonderful colloborative environment where creative knowledge & inspiration were exchanged.  It abruptly stopped when the Pandemic hit in 2020.  

I've decided to revive ArtStart but I'm offering a different model.  Instead of hosting periodic, informal gatherings, I am now offering Adult BEGINNER Art classes and workshops to help participants ignite their creative spark. My goal is to offer a space and guidance for people to explore their artistic potential, turning imagination into manifestation!  


Come join us on this creative journey!

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About the Artist
Art Facilitator 

Karen Furneaux is an Artist from St. John's, NL, who paints in either acrylic or oil.  Her style is whimsical and inspired by faces, theatre, dance, burlesque, nature and oracle cards.

Young Female Painter

About the Studio

My Art Space/Studio is located in Airport Heights in St. John's, NL.  I like to think my little Art Studio is a place of creativity and inspiration.  From the moment you step inside, you're surrounded by artistic tools, materials and like minded people that fuel a passion for visual art.  It's a space where magic and creative energy show up!