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FRIDAY MORNINGS -  Adult - Beginner Level - Traditional Oil Painting CLASS

Begins January 26th and runs every FRIDAY morning until MARCH 1st  -  TIME:  11:30 AM - 1:30 PM


This class offers you the opportunity to learn traditional oil painting without

having to go out and buy costly art supplies!  Try it and decide then if you want to explore oil painting more.


The class takes place over a six week period with a two hour weekly class.  You will learn the basic approaches, techniques and methods of traditional oil painting. 

The classes will guide you through a process to paint a still life from start to finish that is easy for anyone to manage.  


You'll learn about essential materials, supplies and mediums you will need. We'll cover topics such as prepping your canvas, learning the traditional oil painting layers

starting with an underdrawing. You will learn how to bring an oil painting through the stages from lean to fat layers to completion.  At the end of the class, you will have your very own 

10” x 10” oil painting on a gallery canvas that you can proudly display.     


ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED - 10" x 10" Gallery Canvas and use of Brushes, Oil Paints, Thinners and Mediums + use of a smock.  Everything you need to paint.

Friday Morning - Trad. Oil Painting Classes - Adult - Beginner Level

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